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Sharing from the Wild

Animal Communication & Healing: Why Pure Positive Energy is Not Enough
When I was six years old, I entered the science fair at my elementary school. My mother suggested I do[...]
Touching Wild
The first wild animal I remember being totally captivated by was a red fox when I was around four or[...]
The Gender (R)evolution and What Really Fuels Patriarchy
I almost didn’t write this. I figured I should leave it to some non-binary labeled Millennial with a far broader[...]
The Fundamental Flaw in Equine-Assisted Therapy & Learning
Chapter 19 of my first book, Riding On the Power of Others was named “Equine-Assisted Psychosis” for a reason. My[...]
The Negative Impact of Positive Reinforcement
Over the past twenty years, there has been an enormous amount of change in the animal training world. I’ve been[...]

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